Pete's Pirate Life:

Don't Chase the Glory, Work Hard and Be Satisfied Coin

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When Peter McKinnon asks you to collaborate on a project, you accept the opportunity without hesitation. It's as simple as that. You don’t need to ask the questions that usually present themselves during a partnership because Peter has answered those questions over the course of his career. His approach is unique, his attention to detail is unparalleled, his craft is excellent and his transparent dedication to being good is undeniable. The only question left then is, “What should we make?”.

The Team:


  • Peter McKinnon

Coin Production:

  • Chadwick Parker


I first met Peter almost 10 years ago after the launch of my first Kickstarter campaign. The project was for a re-drawn deck of playing cards and he, among others, helped push me into the position I am in today. A designer who gets to bring his nuanced, yet classic approach to the products you have in your everyday life.

Peter and I have never met in person (although we were so close once) — but his support for Misc. Goods over the years and his notes of encouragement along the way have no doubt shaped the company — and by extension, me.

Don't Chase the Glory, Work Hard and Be Satisfied Coin Close Up
Coin and Card

I designed the coin for this collaboration around a mantra that came to me as I was reflecting on my development as a young designer.

Back of Coin

The Coin:

We decided to base the design, for all the PPl x MGCo products, around the talk I did for Creative Morning in 2015. Work is hard. Work is good. And at times, because of the pressure to be seen and understood, work can be torturous. The mantra “Don’t Chase the Glory, Work Hard and Be Satisfied” came to me as I was reflecting on my development as a young designer struggling to find rest, confidence, and balance. After many years of rehearsing this phrase, it has held up.

Work is inherently good and real satisfaction comes from being thankful. Now, Peter has a 45mm solid brass coin to remind him of that.

PPL Slim Wallet in Pocket
PPL Slim Wallet on bench

We designed this wallet to include all the the parts of our slim wallet Peter loved, but with added personal touches for the perfect collaboration.

PPL Slim Wallet

PPL Slim Wallet:

Since Peter’s been a fan of our slim wallets for some time now (and quite frankly, obsessed with trying different wallets), we wanted to create a custom one for him. We started with our vegetable tanned leather. We added a custom external quick-access pocket. Then, hand stitched it with waxed cotton thread so it’ll hold up against 15-25 cards and cash.

For Peter, we stamped “Work Hard” on the outside of the flap. When you flip up the flap, the rest of the message is revealed on the inside.

PPL Solid Cologne Back
PPL Solid Cologne Open

Tapping into the experience we gained designing our own fragrances, we developed a custom scent to reflect Peter’s pirate side.

PPL Solid Cologne Box

PPL Solid Cologne:

Finally, a fragrance. We call it “Tradewinds.” If you haven’t noticed, Peter McKinnon has another side to him. A pirate side. And “Tradewinds” refer to those east-west winds near the equator that push giant pirate ships. This solid cologne has notes of ale (obviously), spices, rose and other natural fragrances. It's made with beeswax and jojoba and it’s packaged in a magnetic hardwood case with a brass inlay. But unlike our other solid colognes, this one features a custom design on the outside inspired by Peter’s Pirate life.


Before Misc. Goods was even a company, and before Peter McKinnon was a famous filmmaker, photographer and YouTuber, there was Tyler Deeb designing playing cards, and Peter McKinnon doing magic. When we launched our first Kickstarter back in 2012, Peter actually reached out to us as a supporter. Peter had the same sort of logic we had about aesthetics. And we connected over it. If you’re going to carry something around all day, it should look good, feel good in your hand, and provide an ounce of appreciation in your daily life.

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